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Sebastian Dullien

Senior Policy Fellow

Languages: English and German
Areas of Expertise: European integration, Financial market regulation

Sebastian Dullien is a senior policy fellow at ECFR.

He is a professor of International Economics at HTW Berlin, the University of Applied Sciences. His research focuses on European integration, international macroeconomics, and financial market regulation.

He has worked as a consultant and expert for many different political foundations and different sub-organisations of the United Nations, and he has testified in front of different committees of the German Bundestag and the European Parliament.

From 2000 to 2007 Sebastian worked as a journalist for Financial Times Deutschland, the German-language edition of the FT. He first worked as a leader writer and then moved to the Economics desk. From 2002 to 2007 he was responsible for the paper’s coverage of the global, European, and German business cycles as well as developments in German academic economics.

Sebastian writes a monthly column in the German magazine, Capital and is a regular contributor to Spiegel Online. He writes occasional op-eds for a number of other German publications.

His recent book, Decent Capitalism (co-authored with Hansjörg Herr and Christian Kellermann, 2011), provides a blueprint for a better-regulated and more stable capitalism after the crisis. An earlier German version (Der gute Kapitalismus) has been widely discussed in Germany.

Latest from Sebastian Dullien

How Berlin contributed to Tsipras’s victory (Commentary)

by Sebastian Dullien - 28th January, 2015

Germany should have offered debt relief to Greece when it had the chance, and the consequences of its mistake could be serious for Europe.

Will Scotland join the euro? (Commentary)

by Sebastian Dullien - 11th September, 2014

Scotland’s new currency regime options all present difficulties, but euro membership might be the most attractive choice.

Cover: How to complete Europe’s banking union

How to complete Europe’s banking union

by Sebastian Dullien - 02nd July, 2014

Landmark in European integration needs reforms

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Angela Merkel was right in the end, wasn't she? (Commentary)

by Sebastian Dullien - 16th May, 2014

Germans are heralding the success of Merkel's policies to combat the euro crisis, but the data tell another story


Sebastian Dullien zur Bankenunion (Podcast)

12th December, 2013

Senior Policy Fellow Sebastian Dullien kommentiert die am Vortag in Brüssel von den EU-Finanzministern ausgehandelte Bankenunion

What does the German coalition agreement mean for the eurozone? (Commentary)

by Sebastian Dullien - 29th November, 2013

From a European perspective, the German coalition agreement is better that the status quo – but it does not contribute to the economic recovery of the eurozone, and it is disappointing when it comes to banking union.


The German miracle is running out of road (Commentary)

by Sebastian Dullien - 05th September, 2013

Ahead of federal elections, Germany is showing signs of complacency about its economic success, with none of the big candidates addressing the factors that might lead to German manufacturing losing its edge

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