Syria / Iraq / Lebanon

  • Neue Züricher Zeitung

    12th February, 2016

    The ECFR sees Europe as the leading power in Europe. 


    11th February, 2016

    Europe discusses two plans to bring order into the refugee crisis. How these plans work and which is more likely. 

    Hamburger Abendblatt

    11th February, 2016

    Germany has replaced the USA as a safe harbour for migration. The 'New York Times' calls Merkel a politician of 'immense importance'. 

    Deutsche Welle

    11th February, 2016

    Forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad are on the advance. With the backing of Vladimir Putin, they're making major inroads into rebel-held territory. The Battle for Aleppo could decide Syria's future.

    The Washington Post

    11th February, 2016

    NATO dispatched warships to the Aegean Sea on Thursday to target people-smuggling operations, marking the most direct intervention by the military alliance in Europe’s efforts to control the huge wave of migrants seeking to reach the continent’s shores.

    Radio France Internationale

    09th February, 2016

    Turkey said on Monday that tens of thousands of Syrians fleeing violence around Aleppo would only be let into the country “when necessary”. As Ankara prepares to tell Brussels how it will implement a three-billion-euro aid package to stop migration to Europe, both Turkey and the EU face pressure to firm up how exactly they will coordinate efforts.


    09th February, 2016

    Julien Barnes-Dacey quoted in Libération on the civil war and the humanitarian crisis in Syria.


    08th February, 2016

    Politico asked thinkers, experts and policymakers for their solution to one of the Continent's greatest challenges. 

    La Croix

    08th February, 2016

    Julien Barnes-Dacey interviewed in La Croix on the role of the Kurds in the Syrian conflict.

    Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

    03rd February, 2016

    Initially secret report shows: in comparison to the last year the amount of radicalised islamists in France has doubled. According to expert Olivier Roy the reason is an "islamisation of radicalness". 

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