• Le Monde

    19th May, 2018

    Richard Gowan quoted by Le Monde following the announcement that the UN Human Rights Council will launch an investigation following the violence in Gaza.

    La Croix

    16th May, 2018

    Following mass protests in Gaza, Camille Lons is quoted by La Croix regarding the perception of the situation in the Middle East.


    11th May, 2018

    Hugh Lovett quoted in Newsweek on the the recent Palestinian protests and violence


    29th April, 2018

    Hugh Lovatt cited by Libération ahead of the first meeting of the Palestinian National Council in decades. 

    La Croix

    15th March, 2018

    Hugh Lovatt cité dans La Croix à propos de l'effet de l'agence de l’ONU pour les réfugiés palestiniens (UNRWA) dans la région. 

    Radio Canada

    14th March, 2018

    Hugh Lovatt cité par Radio Canada à propos de l'opinion européenne sur les coupes américaines dans l'aide internationale. 


    21st February, 2018

    Hugh Lovatt on the longevity of Benjamin Netanyahus rule


    01st February, 2018

    Piotr Buras cited in the article on the crisis triggered by the amendment of the Act on the Institute of National Remembrance.

    27th January, 2018

    An article by Konstanty Gebert referring to President Duda's speech in Davos on Poland's foreign policy towards the Middle East.


    22nd January, 2018

    Hugh Lovatt on EU-Palestinian dialogue after Trump's Jerusalem decision.

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