Experts : Middle East & North Africa

Tareq Baconi

Visiting Fellow
Languages: Arabic, English, conversational French
Areas of Expertise: Oil and gas sectors in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Julien Barnes-Dacey

Senior Policy Fellow
Languages: English, Arabic, French
Areas of Expertise: Middle East, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq

Adam Baron

Visiting Fellow
Languages: English (native), Arabic (conversational)
Areas of Expertise: Yemen, Arabian peninsula, War on Terror

Ruth Citrin

Programme Director
Languages: English, Arabic and Hebrew
Areas of Expertise: Middle East, Syria and Lebanon

Susi Dennison

Director of European Power programme
Languages: English and French
Areas of Expertise: Areas of expertise: European foreign and security policy strategy; politics, political movements and cohesion within the EU; Flexible Union, European refugee and migration policy; human rights, democracy and justice.

Anthony Dworkin

Senior Policy Fellow
Languages: English, conversational French
Areas of Expertise: Human rights, democracy, justice, North Africa (especially Egypt and Tunisia), war crimes, drones and counterterrorism, US foreign policy

Fatim-Zohra El Malki

Visiting Fellow
Languages: Arabic, Farsi, English, French, Spanish
Areas of Expertise: Counter-terrorism, law and institution-making in the Maghreb

Ellie Geranmayeh

Senior Policy Fellow
Languages: English, Persian
Areas of Expertise: Europe-Iran relations, Iran nuclear deal and associated sanctions policy, Iranian foreign and domestic policy, Iran-Saudi relations

Andrew Lebovich

Visiting Fellow
Languages: English, French, Arabic
Areas of Expertise: Religion, politics, and society in North Africa, the Sahara, and the Sahel

Hugh Lovatt

Policy Fellow and Israel/Palestine Project Coordinator
Languages: Arabic, French, Dutch, Spanish
Areas of Expertise: Middle-East, Israel/Palestine, Mashreq region; conflict prevention/resolution; Islamic societies; identity politics

Mattia Toaldo

Senior Policy Fellow
Languages: English, French, Italian
Areas of Expertise: Libya, Middle East Peace process, Israeli and Palestinian politics, Migrations, EU policy in the southern Mediterranean

Stefano M. Torelli

Visiting Fellow
Languages: English, Italian, Arabic, French
Areas of Expertise: North Africa, Tunisia, Jihadism, Migrations, Kurdish issue

Guney Yildiz

Visiting Fellow
Languages: English, Turkish, Kurdish, conversational Arabic (Syrian dialect)
Areas of Expertise: Syria, Turkey and the Kurds in the region

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