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Past events

Energy policy: price of security and security of prices - Lessons from Central Europe

London - 08 Sep 17

How do changing energy circumstances in Central Europe affect energy security in Europe?

Crimintern: the Kremlin and Russia’s criminal networks in Europe

London - 22 May 17

What is the extent of the problem? What measures should Europe use to combat it?

The Chinese-Russian Eastern Partnership: Implications for the UK and Europe

London - 11 May 17

Are Russia and China building an alliance which would fundamentally alter the geostrategic landscape in Eurasia and beyond? 

Continuity or Change? Deciphering Trump’s Policy on Israel and Middle East Peace

London - 05 May 17

Do the shifts of Trump's rhetoric toward Israel reflect a new administration adjusting to the pull of competing interests?  

US Foreign Policy and the Trump Administration

London - 02 May 17

What is his strategy, what are his tactics? Which other policy changes might be in the pipeline? And what does this mean for Europe?