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Staff Profile: Mark Leonard

ECFR Expert/Staff

Mark Leonard is Co-Founder and Director of the European Council on Foreign Relations, the first pan-European think-tank. He writes a fortnightly column on European and Global issues for Previously he worked as Director of Foreign Policy at the Centre for European Reform, and Director of the Foreign Policy Centre, a think-tank he founded under the patronage of Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair at the age of 24. In the 1990s Mark worked for the think-tank Demos where his Britain™ report was credited with launching Cool Britannia. Mark has spent time in Washington as a Transatlantic fellow at the German Marshall Fund of the United States, and in Beijing as a visiting scholar at the Chinese Academy for Social Sciences.

Honored as a ‘Young Global Leader’ of the World Economic Forum, he spends a lot of time helping governments, companies and international organisations make sense of the big geo-political trends of the 21st century and he is regular speaker and a prolific writer and commentator on global issues, the future of Europe, China's internal politics, and the practice of diplomacy and business in a networked world. His essays appear regularly in publications including The Financial Times, The New York Times, Le Monde, Süddeutsche Zeitung, El Pais, Gazeta Wyborcza, Foreign Policy, the New Statesman, The Daily Telegraph, The Economist, Time, and Newsweek.

As well as writing and commenting frequently on global affairs in the media, Mark is author of two best-selling books. His first book, Why Europe will run the 21st Century, was published in 2005 and translated into 19 languages. Mark’s second book, “What does China think?” was published in February 2008 and translated into 15 languages.

Languages: English, French, German

Expertise: Geopolitics, Globalisation, Politics of the Euro Crisis, China, Transatlantic Relations, EU Institutions, Public Diplomacy and Nation branding, European Foreign Policy,UK Foreign Policy

Contact: write to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), or call +44 (0)20 7227 6869     


Recent Publications include:

ECFR publications

China 3.0 - Understanding the new China, ECFR Report edited by Mark Leonard, November 2012

A Europe of incentives: how to regain the trust of citizens and the markets, ECFR Report with Jan Zielonka, June 2012

Four scenarios for the reinvention of Europe, ECFR Essay, November 2011

The New German Question: How Europe can get the Germany it needs, ECFR policy brief with Ulrike Guérot, May 2011

The Spectre of a Multipolar Europe, ECFR Security Report, by Mark Leonard and Ivan Krastev, with Jana Kobzova, Dimitar Bechev and Andrew Wilson, October 2010

Re-wiring the US-EU relationship, ECFR memo, by Mark Leonard, Ulrike Guérot and Daniel Korski, 8 December 2008

Can the EU win the peace in Georgia?, ECFR policy brief, by Mark Leonard, Andrew Wilson and Nicu Popescu, 25 August 2008

A Power Audit of EU-Russia relations, ECFR report, by Mark Leonard and Nicu Popescu, 7 November 2007

New World Order: The balance of soft power and the rise of herbivorous powers, ECFR policy brief, by Mark Leonard  and Ivan Krastev, 24 October 2007


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, Prospect, March 2008

A five-point strategy for EU-Russia relations
, Europe's World

No grandstanding on China, please
, The Times, 16 February 2008

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, The Spectator, 16 May 2008

How Gordon Sees The World
The Spectator, 23 August 2006

The battle for China's future
Financial Times, 8 July 2005

Tangerine Dream: is political reform in Egypt possible?
Financial Times

The US Heads Home: Will Europe Regret It?
Financial Times

Think Tank pieces

Divided World: The struggle for supremacy in 2020
, Centre for European Reform, January 2007

The EUs Awkward Neighbour: time for a new policy on Belarus
, Centre for European Reform, April 2006

Georgia and the EU: can Europes neighbourhood policy deliver?
, Centre for European Reform, September 2005

Crunch-time on Iran: Five ways out of a nuclear crisis
, Centre for European Reform, July 2005

Democracy and Human Development in the Broader Middle East: A Transatlantic Strategy for Partnership
, Istanbul Papers, July 2004


Why Europe will run the 21st Century
, 2005

What Does China Think?,



Ukraine’s forthcoming elections and gas crisis - 24 Oct 14

Two days before the early parliamentary elections in Ukraine,  what results can be expected and how will they affect gas supply in Europe?

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