An alternative to intifada

21st August 2014

Russia’s convoy to East Ukraine and the International Committee of the Red Cross

20th August 2014

Fighting the Islamic State in Iraq

11th August 2014
Crisis in Gaza


European Spring: How to put our economies and politics right? - 15 Jul 14

With European economies failing to deliver higher standards of living, and growing public disillusionment with apparently self-serving politicians, Philippe Legrain discusses where

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In the Press

21 Aug 14

Josef Janning discusses the recent shipment of weapons to Kurdish forces

Associated Press, Washington Examiner, ABC News, Fox News
20 Aug 14

an article containing Olaf Boehnke's commentary on Merkel's role as a mediator during the…

Channel 4 News
19 Aug 14

Julien Barnes-Dacey on IS in Syria and Iraq.

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