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Scorecard The Europe Question


It’s time for a New Deal for Europe

By Edouard Tétreau - 18 Sep 14

The new generation of leaders on Europe’s front line is setting the ground for a fresh start in the European unity project.


Why Scotland looks like the canary in the independence coal mine

By Mark Leonard - 18 Sep 14

Many of the trends seen in the Scottish referendum campaign have more to do with politics of the future than of the past.



Europe engages China in earnest

By François Godement - 12 Sep 14

The new Commission and High Representative could learn from ground-level engagement between EU and Chinese groups.


Dissecting Juncker’s Commission: Project teams are the real story

By Josef Janning - 11 Sep 14

Jean-Claude Juncker's new structure for the European Commission represents a major overhaul of its governance.


Will Scotland join the euro?

By Sebastian Dullien - 11 Sep 14

Scotland’s new currency regime options all present difficulties, but euro membership might be the most attractive choice.


Putin's domestic boost

By Maria Lipman - 10 Sep 14

Polling shows that after Ukraine, Russians are happier about Putin's domestic policy, both past and present.


Europe must not neglect the Western Balkans

By Francisco de Borja Lasheras - 05 Sep 14

With the situation in the Western Balkans deteriorating, Europe needs a policy reset.


Sheikh It Up

By Andrew Hammond - 04 Sep 14

The UAE's airstrikes in Libya represent a new and dangerous phase in its struggle with Qatar.


Germany needs more leadership on foreign policy

By Josef Janning - 03 Sep 14

The German people are ready for more international involvement, if the German government can make the case.


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In the Press

Neue Rheinische Zeitung
18 Sep 14

Josef Janning is quoted on his position concerning weapons deliveries to Iraq

International Relations and Security Network
18 Sep 14

The Swiss ISN publishes Angela Stanzel's Policy Brief on "AfPak"

Der Standard
16 Sep 14

Timothy Garton Ash demands a new European plan regarding the crisis in Ukraine

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