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Scorecard The Europe Question


What Palestinians can expect from Europe

By Hugh Lovatt & Mattia Toaldo - 17 Oct 14

As European publics become more sympathetic to Palestine, the Palestinian leadership needs to renew its advocacy.


The Islamic State through the regional lens

By ECFR's MENA Programme - 02 Oct 14

A collection of 14 articles exploring the regional dimensions of the Islamic State crisis.



The origins of Russia’s new conflict with the West

By Maria Lipman - 14 Oct 14

The conflict between Russia and the West is evidence of a post-Cold War clash of worldviews that has never been resolved.


Why this winter will bring a new gas crisis in Ukraine (and Europe)

By Chi-Kong Chyong - 10 Oct 14

Europe will face another catastrophic gas shortage this winter if the EU and its member states do not act fast to resolve a gas price dispute between Russia and Ukraine.


China and Germany talk security

By Angela Stanzel & Hans Kundnani - 09 Oct 14

The expansion of the dialogue between Germany and China to include foreign and security policy could have a huge, and potentially problematic, effect for the European Union. 


A French lesson for Europe's foreign policy

By Nick Witney - 07 Oct 14

The EU is in need of clear foreign policy direction as Federica Mogherini prepares to take over as High Representative.


Juncker’s Commission is crumbling

By José Ignacio Torreblanca - 03 Oct 14

Some dubious appointments are causing strong resistance to Juncker's Commission within the European Parliament.


Ukraine crisis: what it means for the West

By Andrew Wilson - 01 Oct 14

An extract from Andrew Wilson's latest book 


Hong Kong Central vs. China’s centre

By François Godement - 30 Sep 14

As debate in China's centre is stifled, Hongkongers fear for their future – with good cause. 


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To avoid gas cut-offs Europe should help Ukraine reform

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The EU needs a more coherent approach to international justice

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The EU is ill-equipped to respond to foreign policy crises.


China on Asia’s Mind

As tensions in Asia increase, Europe cannot take Asia’s stability for granted.

After “AfPak”: Reframing Europe’s Pakistan policy

Time for a new approach that takes into account other regional dynamics



Ukraine’s forthcoming elections and gas crisis - 24 Oct 14

Two days before the early parliamentary elections in Ukraine,  what results can be expected and how will they affect gas supply in Europe?

In the Press

16 Oct 14

Edouard Tetreau proposes a debate on German foreign policy.

The New York Times
16 Oct 14

François Godement on economic concerns during the Milan summit.
15 Oct 14

Hugh Lovatt on the public pressure to recognise Palestine.

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