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Black Coffee Morning: ‘Morsi’s Egypt: from Tahrir to Gaza and back’


Issandr el-Amrani, Founder of The Arabist blog, ECFR Visiting Fellow

Anthony Dworkin, Senior Policy Fellow, ECFR

Chaired by:

Daniel Levy, Director Middle East and North Africa, ECFR

On 22 November, President Mohammed Morsi pivoted from a successful mediation of a ceasefire in Gaza to address a deadlocked transition domestically. His moves have since ignited a wave of protests and a new crisis spike in Egypt’s transition.

Issandr el-Amrani, in London for two days from Cairo, and Anthony Dworkin will be looking at the new Egypt both at home and abroad. Where is the current domestic contestation of the rules of the game heading – the balance of forces, the constitutional referendum, institutional politics versus street politics and just how irreconcilably divided has Egyptian society become? What are the implications of recent events for the development of a pluralistic democracy in Egypt, and for the Arab transitions more broadly ?At the same time are we beginning to discern the contours of a new Egyptian foreign policy under President Morsi, within the region and beyond?

Issandr el-Amrani is the founder of the widely read blog The Arabist and is a Visiting Fellow at ECFR. Issandr isa freelance journalist who spends his time between Cairo and Rabat. He previously worked for International Crisis Group as a North Africa analyst. He was the Cairo correspondent for Middle East International and writes for various publications, including the Economist.

Anthony Dworkin is a Senior Policy Fellow at ECFR working on human rights, international justice, North Africa and the Middle East. Among the publications he has written for ECFR are“A Power Audit of EU-North Africa Relations” and Egypt’s Hybrid Revolution: A Bolder EU Approach”.He is a contributing editor of the British magazine Prospect.

Daniel Levy is the Director of the Middle East and North Africa Programme at ECFR and a Senior Research fellow at the New America Foundation.


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