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Scorecard The Europe Question

ECFR's Board and Council

ECFR's Board members are: Martti Ahtisaari (co-chair), Emma Bonino, Joschka Fischer (co-chair), Karin Forseke, Timothy Garton Ash, Ivan Krastev, Mabel van Oranje (co-chair), Ana Palacio, Andrew Puddephatt, Aleksander Smolar, Javier Solana

  • Asger Aamund (Denmark) - President and CEO, A. J. Aamund A/S and Chairman of Bavarian Nordic A/S
  • Urban Ahlin (Sweden) - Deputy Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee and foreign policy spokesperson for the Social Democratic Party
  • Martti Ahtisaari (Finland) - Chairman of the Board, Crisis Management Initiative; former President
  • Giuliano Amato (Italy) - former Prime Minister and Vice President of the European Convention
  • Gustavo de Aristegui (Spain) - Member of Parliament
  • Gordon Bajnai (Hungary) - former Prime Minister
  • Leszek Balcerowicz (Poland) - Professor, Warsaw School of Economics; former Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister
  • Dora Bakoyannis (Greece) - Member of Parliament; former Foreign Minister
  • Lluís Bassets (Spain) - Deputy Director, El País
  • Marek Belka (Poland) - Governor, National Bank of Poland; former Prime Minister
  • Roland Berger (Germany) - Founder and Honorary Chairman, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants GmbH
  • Erik Berglöf (Sweden) - Chief Economist, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • Jan Krzysztof Bielecki (Poland) - Chairman, Prime Minister's Economic Council; former Prime Minister
  • Carl Bildt (Sweden) - Foreign Minister
  • Henryka Bochniarz (Poland) - President, Polish Confederation of Private Employers - LEWIATAN
  • Svetoslav Bojilov (Bulgaria) - Founder, Communitas Foundation and President of Venture Equity Bulgaria Ltd
  • Emma Bonino (Italy) - Vice President of the Senate; former EU Commissioner
  • Han ten Broeke (The Netherlands) - MP; spokesman for foreign affairs and defence
  • John Bruton (Ireland) - former European Commission Ambassador to the United States of America; former Prime Minister (Taoiseach)
  • Ian Buruma (The Netherlands) - Writer and academic
  • Erhard Busek (Austria) - Chairman of the Institute for the Danube and Central Europe
  • Jerzy Buzek (Poland) - President of the European Parliament; former Prime Minister
  • Gunilla Carlsson (Sweden) - Minister for International Development Cooperation
  • Maria Livanos Cattaui (Switzerland) - former Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce
  • Ipek Cem Taha (Turkey) - Director of Melak Investments; journalist
  • Carmen Chacón (Spain) - former Minister of Defence
  • Charles Clarke (United Kingdom) - Visiting Professor of Politics, University of East Anglia; former Home Secretary
  • Nicola Clase (Sweden) - Ambassador to the United Kingdom; former State Secretary 
  • Daniel Cohn-Bendit (Germany) - Member of European Parliament
  • Robert Cooper (United Kingdom) - Counsellor of the European External Action Service
  • Gerhard Cromme (Germany) - Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the ThyssenKrupp
  • Daniel Daianu (Romania) - Professor of Economics, National School of Political and Administrative Studies; former Finance Minister
  • Massimo D’Alema (Italy) - President, Italianieuropei Foundation; President, Foundation for European Progressive Studies; former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister
  • Marta Dassù (Italy) - Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs
  • Etienne Davignon (Belgium) - President, Friends of Europe; former Vice President of the European Commission
  • Ahmet Davutoglu (Turkey) - Foreign Minister 
  • Aleš Debeljak (Slovenia) - Poet and Cultural Critic
  • Jean-Luc Dehaene (Belgium) - Member of European Parliament; former Prime Minister
  • Gianfranco Dell'Alba (Italy) - Director, Confederation of Italian Industry (Confindustria) - Brussels office; former Member of European Parliament 
  • Pavol Demeš (Slovakia) - Senior Transatlantic Fellow, German Marshall Fund of the United States(Bratislava)
  • Kemal Dervis (Turkey) - Vice-President and Director of Global Economy and Development
  • Tibor Dessewffy (Hungary) - President, DEMOS Hungary
  • Hanzade Doğan Boyner (Turkey) - Chair, Doğan Gazetecilik and Doğan Online
  • Andrew Duff (United Kingdom) - Member of European Parliament
  • Mikuláš Dzurinda (Slovakia) - Foreign Minister
  • Hans Eichel (Germany) - former Finance Minister
  • Rolf Ekeus (Sweden) - former Director of the United Nations Special Commission on Iraq
  • Uffe Ellemann-Jensen (Denmark) - Chairman, Baltic Development Forum; former Foreign Minister
  • Steven Everts (The Netherlands) - Adviser to the Vice President of the European Commission/EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy
  • Gianfranco Fini (Italy ) - President, Chamber of Deputies; former Foreign Minister
  • Tanja Fajon (Slovenia) - Member of European Parliament
  • Joschka Fischer (Germany) - former Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor
  • Karin Forseke (Sweden/USA) - Business Leader; former CEO Carnegie Investment Bank
  • Lykke Friis (Denmark) - Member of Parliament; former Minister for Climate and Energy
  • Jaime Gama (Portugal) - former Speaker of the Portuguese Parliament; former Foreign Minister 
  • Timothy Garton Ash (United Kingdom) - Professor of European Studies, Oxford University
  • Carlos Gaspar (Portugal) - Chairman of the Portuguese Institute of International Relations (IPRI)
  • Anthony Giddens (United Kingdom) - Emeritus Professor, London School of Economics
  • Teresa Patricio Gouveia (Portugal) - Trustee to the Board of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation; former Foreign Minister  
  • Heather Grabbe (United Kingdom) - Executive Director, Open Society Institute – Brussels
  • Charles Grant (United Kingdom) - Director, Centre for European Reform
  • Jean-Marie Guéhenno (France) - Director of the Centre on International Conflict Resolution, Columbia University (New York); Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution; former Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations at the UN
  • Fernando Andresen Guimarães (Portugal) - Head of Division - US and Canada, European External Action Service
  • Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg (Germany) - former Defence Minister
  • István Gyarmati (Hungary) - President and CEO, International Centre for Democratic Transition
  • Hans Hækkerup (Denmark) - Chairman, Defence Commission; former Defence Minister
  • Heidi Hautala (Finland) - Minister for International Development
  • Steven Heinz (Austria) - Co-founder & Co-Chairman, Lansdowne Partners Ltd
  • Annette Heuser (Germany) - Executive Director, Bertelsmann Foundation Washington DC
  • Diego Hidalgo (Spain) - Co-founder of Spanish newspaper El País; President, FRIDE
  • Jaap de Hoop Scheffer (The Netherlands) - former NATO Secretary General
  • Danuta Hübner (Poland) - Member of the European Parliament; former European Commissioner
  • Anna Ibrisagic (Sweden) - Member of European Parliament
  • Jaakko Iloniemi (Finland) - former Ambassador and former Executive Director, Crisis Management Initiative
  • Toomas Ilves (Estonia) - President
  • Wolfgang Ischinger (Germany) - Chairman, Munich Security Conference; Global Head of Government Affairs Allianz SE
  • Minna Järvenpää (Finland) - International Advocacy Director, Open Society Foundation
  • Mary Kaldor (United Kingdom) - Professor, London School of Economics
  • Ibrahim Kalin (Turkey) - Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister of Turkey on foreign policy and public diplomacy
  • Sylvie Kauffmann (France) - Executive Editor of Le Monde
  • Glenys Kinnock (United Kingdom) - former Member of European Parliament; Shadow Lords Spokesperson on International Development
  • Olli Kivinen (Finland) - Writer and columnist
  • Ben Knapen (The Netherlands) - Minister for European Affairs and International Cooperation
  • Gerald Knaus (Austria) - Chairman of the European Stability Initiative and Carr Center Fellow
  • Caio Koch-Weser (Germany) - Vice Chairman, Deutsche Bank Group; former State Secretary
  • Bassma Kodmani (France/Syria) - Executive Director, Arab Reform Initiative
  • Rem Koolhaas (The Netherlands) - Architect and urbanist; Professor at the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University
  • Ivan Krastev (Bulgaria) - Chair of Board, Centre for Liberal Strategies
  • Aleksander Kwaśniewski (Poland) - former President
  • Mart Laar (Estonia) - Member of Parliament; former Prime Minister
  • Miroslav Lajčák (Slovakia) - Deputy Prime Minister & Foreign Minister
  • Alexander Graf Lambsdorff (Germany) - Member of European Parliament
  • Pascal Lamy (France) - Honorary President, Notre Europe and Director-General of WTO; former EU Commissioner
  • Bruno Le Maire (France) - Minister of Agriculture, Food and Fishing
  • Mark Leonard (United Kingdom) - Director, European Council on Foreign Relations
  • Juan Fernando López Aguilar (Spain) - Member of European Parliament; former Minister of Justice
  • Helena Luczywo (Poland) - Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Gazeta Wyborcza
  • Adam Lury (United Kingdom) - CEO, Menemsha Ltd
  • Emma Marcegaglia (Italy) - President, Confindustria
  • David Miliband (United Kingdom) - Member of Parliament; former Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
  • Alain Minc (France) - Head of AM Conseil; former chairman, Le Monde
  • Nickolay Mladenov (Bulgaria) - Foreign Minister; former Defence Minister; former Member of European Parliament
  • Dominique Moisi (France) - Senior Adviser, IFRI
  • Pierre Moscovici (France) - Minister of the Economy, Finances and Foreign Trade, MP ; former MEP and former Minister for European Affairs
  • Nils Muiznieks (Latvia) - Director, Advanced Social and Political Research Institute, University of Latvia
  • Hildegard Müller (Germany) - Chairwoman, BDEW Bundesverband der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft
  • Wolfgang Münchau (Germany) - President, Eurointelligence ASBL
  • Kalypso Nicolaïdis (Greece/France) - Professor of International Relations, University of Oxford
  • Daithi O'Ceallaigh (Ireland) - Director-General, Institute of International and European Affairs
  • Christine Ockrent (Belgium) - Editorialist
  • Andrzej Olechowski (Poland) - former Foreign Minister
  • Dick Oosting (The Netherlands) - CEO, European Council on Foreign Relations; former Europe Director, Amnesty International
  • Mabel van Oranje (The Netherlands) - CEO, The Elders
  • Marcelino Oreja Aguirre (Spain) - President, Instituto de Estudios Europeos, Universidad San Pablo CEU; former Foreign Minister; former EU Commissioner
  • Cem Özdemir (Germany) - Leader, Bündnis90/Die Grünen (Green Party)
  • Ana Palacio (Spain) - former Foreign Minister; former Senior President and General Counsel of the World Bank Group
  • Simon Panek (Czech Republic) - Chairman, People in Need Foundation
  • Chris Patten (United Kingdom) - Chancellor of Oxford University and co-chair of the International Crisis Group; former EU Commissioner
  • Diana Pinto (France) - Historian and author
  • Jean Pisani-Ferry (France) - Director, Bruegel and Professor at Universite Paris-Dauphine
  • Ruprecht Polenz (Germany) - Member of Parliament; Chairman of the Bundestag Foreign Affairs Committee
  • Lydie Polfer (Luxembourg) - Member of Parliament; former Foreign Minister
  • Charles Powell (Spain/UK) - Deputy Director, Real Instituto Elcano
  • Andrew Puddephatt (United Kingdom) - Director, Global Partners & Associated Ltd.
  • Vesna Pusić (Croatia) - Foreign Minister
  • Robert Reibestein (The Netherlands) - Director, McKinsey & Company
  • George Robertson (United Kingdom) - former Secretary General of NATO
  • Albert Rohan (Austria) - former Secretary General for Foreign Affairs
  • Dariusz Rosati (Poland) - former Foreign Minister 
  • Adam D. Rotfeld (Poland) - former Minister of Foreign Affairs; Co-Chairman of Polish-Russian Group on Difficult Matters, Commissioner of Euro-Atlantic Security Initiative
  • Norbert Röttgen (Germany) - Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety
  • Daniel Sachs (Sweden) - CEO, Proventus
  • Pasquale Salzano (Italy) - Vice President for International Governmental Affairs, ENI
  • Stefano Sannino (Italy) - Director General for Enlargement, European Commission
  • Marietje Schaake (The Netherlands) - Member of European Parliament
  • Pierre Schori (Sweden) - Chair of Olof Palme Memorial Fund; former Director General, FRIDE; former SRSG to Cote d´Ivoire
  • Wolfgang Schüssel (Austria) - Former Chancellor
  • Karel Schwarzenberg (Czech Republic) - Foreign Minister 
  • Giuseppe Scognamiglio (Italy) - Head of Public Affairs - Executive Vice President - Unicredit SpA
  • Narcís Serra (Spain) - Chair of CIDOB Foundation; former Vice President of the Spanish Government
  • Radosław Sikorski (Poland) - Foreign Minister
  • Aleksander Smolar (Poland) - Chairman of the Board, Stefan Batory Foundation
  • Javier Solana (Spain) - former EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy & Secretary-General of the Council of the EU; former Secretary General of NATO
  • George Soros (Hungary/USA) - Founder and Chairman, Open Society Institute
  • Teresa de Sousa (Portugal) - Journalist
  • Goran Stefanovski (Macedonia) - Playwright and academic
  • Rory Stewart (United Kingdom) - Member of Parliament
  • Alexander Stubb (Finland) - Minister for Foreign Trade and European Affairs; former Foreign Minister
  • Michael Stürmer (Germany) - Chief Correspondent, Die Welt
  • Paweł Świeboda (Poland) - President, Demos-EUROPA, Centre for European Strategy
  • Ion Sturza (Romania) - President, GreenLight Invest.; former Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova
  • Teija Tiilikainen (Finland) - Director, Finnish Institute for International Relations
  • Loukas Tsoukalis (Greece) - Professor, University of Athens and President, ELIAMEP
  • Erkki Tuomioja (Finland) -  Foreign Minister
  • Daniel Valtchev (Bulgaria) - former deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education
  • Vaira Vike-Freiberga (Latvia) - former President
  • Antonio Vitorino (Portugal) - Lawyer; former EU Commissioner
  • Andre Wilkens (Germany) - Director Mercator Centre Berlin and Director Strategy, Mercator Haus
  • Carlos Alonso Zaldívar (Spain) - Ambassador to Brazil
  • Stelios Zavvos (Greece) - CEO, Zeus Capital Managers Ltd
  • Samuel Žbogar (Slovenia) - Foreign Minister









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