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Scorecard The Europe Question

In the Press

The China Post

03 Mar 12

Daniel Korski is quoted on Serbia relation with the EU

La Razón

02 Mar 12

Daniel Korski is quoted on Serbia EU candidacy


01 Mar 12

Daniel Korski discusses the EU's Balkans strategy


06 Feb 12

Daniel Korski predicts the directions Vladimir Putin may take in Russia

Al Jazeera

05 Jan 12

In an interview, Daniel Korski discusses Libya's security challenge

International Business Times

30 Dec 11

Daniel Korski is quoted on the possibility of an Israeli intervention in Iran


15 Dec 11

Daniel Korski is interviewed on the future of the Arab world

Agen Parl

15 Dec 11

Daniel Korski is interviewed about the Arab Spring by Agen Parl, the Italian news agency


09 Dec 11

Daniel Korski asks what David Cameron's alternatives were at the Eurosummit

The Spectator

05 Dec 11

Daniel Korski analyses the future of Russia as a post-BRIC nation

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Crisis in Gaza


European Spring: How to put our economies and politics right? - 15 Jul 14

With European economies failing to deliver higher standards of living, and growing public disillusionment with apparently self-serving politicians, Philippe Legrain discusses where

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In the Press

Middle East Eye
18 Aug 14

Daniel Levy on Israels spinning moral compass.

Al Monitor
16 Aug 14

Ellie Geranmayeh on Iranian sanctions.

Cairo Review
15 Aug 14

Hugh Lovatt on an alternative to infada.

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