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European Parliamentary Elections: What’s at stake? - 30 Apr 14

In an increasingly troubled time for the European Union, Sir Menzies Campbell, Stuart Wheeler, Mark Leonard, Prof Maurice Fraser, Dr Sara Hagemann and John Peet discuss the upcoming European parliamentary elections, and how their outcome will affect the EU and Britain's role in it. 

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Europe turns to the ICC on Syria - a sign of hopelessness?

By Anthony Dworkin - 23 Apr 14

The EU's call to refer Syria to the International Criminal Court stands as a reminder of how few options the EU has.

Algeria’s preordained election prods debate

By Mansouria Mokhefi - 14 Apr 14

The upcoming election in Algeria leaves the people without a voice, but is at least sparking some debate.

The campaign to condemn the Brotherhood

By Andrew Hammond - 08 Apr 14

The decision of the British government to investigate the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood is a significant victory for Saudi Arabia.

Russian roulette over Iran nuclear deal? Not yet.

Europe should keep a firewall between nuclear talks with Iran and the standoff over Ukraine with Russia.

Syria: the worst foreign policy catastrophe of modern times?

By Peter Hain - 28 Mar 14

The horror in Syria is not simply the result of the regime's brutality, but also of monumental foreign policy misjudgements in Britain.

Iraqi Elections and Maliki’s Gamble

By Myriam Benraad - 26 Mar 14

Fears stemming from the radicalization of Iraq’s Sunni population—and Iraqis’ disillusionment with politics—could propel Maliki into an unpopular third term. 

Peace Is Man-Made

By Han ten Broeke - 19 Mar 14

As long as key international stakeholders play a constructive role in the new round of peace negotiations and let go of their misconceptions about Abbas and Netanyahu, a two-state solution is still a viable option.

Why Europe should step up its efforts in Libya

By Mattia Toaldo - 17 Feb 14

European support for Libya is difficult because of a deteriorating security situation and lack of clear institutions, but it would have an important impact on the region.

Boost the momentum with Iran - don't slow it down

The next few months will present some of the biggest, and at times unexpected, challenges for those advocating a political solution addressing Iran’s nuclear programme. 

The 1,001 lives of al-Qaeda in Iraq

By Myriam Benraad - 29 Jan 14

The violence of recent events that have struck Iraq over the course of recent weeks poses questions not only about Iraq’s continuing transition but also about al-Qaeda’s ascendancy in the country.

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