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The Cameron-Rouhani Meeting: What Comes Next?

The historic meeting adds to the general mood of Western détente with Iran.

US air strikes in Syria and the fight against the Islamic State

Both Assad and his rebel opponents hope to leverage the US fight against the Islamic State to help them win the civil war. 

Sheikh It Up

By Andrew Hammond - 04 Sep 14

The UAE's airstrikes in Libya represent a new and dangerous phase in its struggle with Qatar.

Egypt’s busy summer

By Helene Michou - 02 Sep 14

Egypt is reasserting itself in foreign policy, but it faces economic and societal challenges at home. 

Palestine and the International Criminal Court

By Victor Kattan - 01 Sep 14

After a long process, various options are still open for Palestine with respect to joining the ICC.

The Islamic State effect: Lebanon’s new security symbiosis

By Nicholas Noe - 28 Aug 14

Why Lebanon has a unique trajectory in its response to the threat of IS.

Iran is not making a U-turn in Iraq

Switching support from Maliki to Abadi does not represent a real policy change for Iran.

Israel's spinning moral compass

By Daniel Levy - 19 Aug 14

Apparent wall-to-wall consensus in favour of the Gaza offensive among the Israeli public masks a deep internal moral malaise.

Demilitarising Gaza is not a solution, it’s a trap

By Daniel Levy - 15 Aug 14

Demilitarising Gaza is being touted as part of a solution to the recent fighting. However, it's a potentially dangerous red herring 

Europe desperately seeking answers on Iraq

While the crisis in Iraq deepens, Europe has been slow to react - reluctant to be drawn into another quagmire in the region. 

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European Spring: How to put our economies and politics right? - 15 Jul 14

With European economies failing to deliver higher standards of living, and growing public disillusionment with apparently self-serving politicians, Philippe Legrain discusses where

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In the Press

Hong Kong : la tension monte entre les pro-démocrates et les forces de l'ordre
29 Sep 14

François Godement analyses the rebellion of pro-democrats in Hong Kong.

29 Sep 14

Nicu Popescu on the future of Donbas region.

El Pais
27 Sep 14

Julien Barnes-Dacey on how Islamic State is more than just an insurgency.

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