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ECFR this week: 30th March 2012

As the people of Burma ready themselves for a historic election on 1st April, which will probably see Aung San Suu Kyi elected to parliament, we published a timely policy memo explaining how the EU can ensure that Burma’s reforms are more than skin deep. In ‘How the EU can support reform in Burma’, Jonas Parello-Plesner cautions against raising sanctions too quickly. Instead, he argues that Europe should tie the raising of sanctions to real signs of progress, use development aid to consolidate reforms, and create an environment for foreign businesses to invest in Burma in a sustainable and considerate way.

This last week also saw the second in our series of papers examining national debates over Europe, as part of our ‘Reinventing Europe’ project. Petr Drulak looks at the case of the Czech Republic, and argues that its truculence on EU issues is a logical response to its situation, largely because it is small, Central European and post-communist. Click here for the 'first paper' in the series, examining the Polish position in the EU.

We also published two more podcasts/blog posts in our series examining how other global powers view Europe (click here for the first in the series, looking at the view from China):

  • Atila Eralp deals with the Turkish view: "Has Turkey’s relationship with the EU departed from being seen as a normative goal or strategic vision, into a framework for a useful but ‘just another’ partnership in international relations?"


  • Finally, for those who have been following this week’s BRICS summit in New Delhi, this article by Parag Khanna examines the differences between the world’s rapidly rising powers and finds a startling lack of common purpose.

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