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ECFR this week: 20th April 2012

We are keeping a close eye on France over the coming weekend, as that country votes in the first round of its presidential election. Ulrike Guerot has previewed the election from a German point of view in this blog post – ‘Should Merkel be scared of Hollande’ – asking whether German unease over a socialist victory is justified. In this article Thomas Klau argues that France deserves better than the campaign it has been given.

We’ll have more on the election as events unfold – and it sounds as though Thomas has already been kept very busy giving analysis to the French and European media.

Meanwhile, several other things have been keeping us busy:

  • Sebastian Dullien wrote his latest € View blog post looking at current account imbalances across Europe, coming to both encouraging and worrying conclusions.
  • Jonas is currently working on another paper, with Hans Kundnani, that looks at the burgeoning relationship between China and Germany – both authors are available for media comment on Wen Jiabao’s visit to Germany, Poland, Sweden and Iceland (contact details are on our website).
  • In this blog post Nicu Popescu argues that the EU’s diplomatic service, the EEAS, is starting to show real signs that it may be growing into a genuinely effective body.

In other news both Sebastian Dullien’s € View blog posts and our ‘Ten Trends for 2012’ article were highly commended by the jury in Thomson Reuter’s ‘Reporting Europe’ competition.

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