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Reinventing Europe: Marco de Andreis

As part of ECFR's 'Reinvention of Europe' project, we are running a series of responses from leading thinkers and academics to Mark Leonard's recent paper 'Four scenarios for the reinvention of Europe'. The paper outlined four possible routes towards solving Europe's current crisis, and argued that Europe's main challenge was to solve the acute euro crisis without exacerbating the chronic crisis of declining European power. In the thirteenth in this series of responses, we hear from Marco de Andreis.


European political scientists, with few exceptions, tend to see the future of Europe through a dark cloud of pessimism: a mood that Mark Leonard’s paper has aptly caught in his explanation of what is at the root of Europe’s political crisis - “the necessity and impossibility of integration”.

As the saying goes, though, necessity is the mother of invention. What is necessary

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