ECFR in the Media

washington times 21 dec

21st December, 2007
Open borders in Western Europe raise concerns of increased crime but "some fears are vastly overblown" says ECFR's Thomas Klau.

AFP 20 dec

20th December, 2007
Angela Merkel has shown great courage while dealing with a number of controversial global issues, says ECFR?s Ulrike Gu?rot.

Irish Times 18 Dec

18th December, 2007
In an interview on the EU?s military role in Chad, ECFR?s Nick Witney says European states have made very little progress in achieving the military goals set in 1999.

The Guardian 17 dec

17th December, 2007
"Whether Lord Ashdown becomes 'super envoy' or not, there are lessons from Bosnia that can be adapted for Afghanistan," writes ECFR's Daniel Korski.

El País 13 dec

13th December, 2007

Russia's foreign policy helps to forge a domestic political consensus but it is a liability for the existing multilateral order, says Jos? Ignacio Torreblanca, head of ECFR's Madrid office.

Deutsche Welle

07th December, 2007
Merkel has shown that she understands the linkage between democratic values and economic prosperity in her approach to the upcoming Europe-Africa summit, said ECFR's Ulrike Gu?rot.

die presse rohan

05th December, 2007
An interview on the EU?s role in Kosovo with Albert Rohan, one of ECFR's founding council members and deputy to the UN Special Envoy for the Future Status Process for Kosovo.

washington times

05th December, 2007
"While EU leaders believe that peace and stability are built through interdependence, Russia's leaders are working to create a situation where the EU needs Russia more than Russia needs the EU," said a report released by ECFR.

abc madrid

04th December, 2007
El ECFR, del que forma parte el presidente de FRIDE, Diego Hidalgo, dice en su ?ltimo informe - de Mark Leonard y Nicu Popescu - que la UE se est? debilitando ante Rusia "por su divisi?n interna".

el pais 3 december

03rd December, 2007
Europa se considera exportadora de valores; los suyos, claro. Pero se puede encontrar con serios problemas en este comercio de ideas. Desde luego no se trata de exportarlos a la neocon en la punta de las bayonetas, sino de otra manera.