ECFR in the Media

Radio Netherlands Worldwide Fox Dalai Lama

03rd June, 2009
John Fox comments on the Dalai Lama's visit to The Netherlands.

Guerot ABC European elections

01st June, 2009
An article quoting Ulrike Guerot on the European elections.

Kuwait Times Reuters Klau EU elections

01st June, 2009
Thomas Klau comments on the European elections.

The Age Wilson Germany General Motors

01st June, 2009
Andrew Wilson quoted on the state of Opel in Germany.

AFP Wilson Germany General Motos

31st May, 2009
A story on General Motors, quoting Andrew Wilson.

El Mundo Klau European elections

30th May, 2009
Thomas Klau is quoted in a piece on the European elections.

ADN Torreblanca European elections

30th May, 2009
Torreblanca is quoted on the European elections.

Deutsche Welle Wilson Germany General Motors

30th May, 2009
Andrew Wilson comments on Russian investment in the German motor industry.

Tribune de Geneve Godement North Korea missile

28th May, 2009
Francois Godement quoted on North Korea's missile launch.

Washington Times NATO EU force Witney

28th May, 2009
A story on an EU military force, separate from NATO, quoting Witney.