ECFR in the Media

korski gowan guardian

07th April, 2011

Daniel Korski and Richard Gowan are quoted in an article about recent French military interventions.

Brookings intro scorecard

06th April, 2011

Brookings has published the introduction of ECFR's Scorecard 2010

E!Sharp scorecard

06th April, 2011

Justin Vaïsse writes about the Scorecard project

nyt witney

06th April, 2011

Nick Witney is quoted in an article about France's military actions

Scorecard el pais

05th April, 2011

The Scorecard 2010 is called a 'detailed report'.

zaman scorecard

04th April, 2011

Şahin Alpay quotes the Scorecard 2010 in an op-ed


04th April, 2011

Ognyan Georgiev writes an op-ed about the Scorecard 2010

hurryiet scorecard

04th April, 2011

An analysis of the relations between Turkey and Europe as explained in the Scorecard 2010

Europost Scorecard

04th April, 2011

The weekly politics magazine has published an article about the Scorecard 2010

ben judah standpoint

04th April, 2011

Ben Judah writes about Tunisia