ECFR in the Media

financial times korski gowan civilian crisis capacities

15th October, 2009
An exclusive story on our civilian crisis mission report.

defense news civilian crisis report

15th October, 2009
A story on our civilian crisis management report.

bbc newsnight korski afghanistan

14th October, 2009
Korski in a package on Washington's Afghan troops.

cotidianul Tcherneva EU commission romania

14th October, 2009
Tcherneva discusses the prospects of the new Commission on Romanian politics.

bbc afghanistan shapiro

14th October, 2009
Shapiro on Washington's Afghanistan troop numbers debate.

noel iht russia gas

13th October, 2009
Pierre Noel comments on Russia's proposed gas pipeline.

der tagesspiegel leonard

13th October, 2009
A review in German of Leonard's 'What does China think?'

Le Monde what does russia think

12th October, 2009
An opinion piece in French quoting our "What does Russia think?".

the guardian ukraine russia wilson

11th October, 2009
Wilson on Russia-Ukraine: "There could be an accidental or deliberate confrontation".

romania libera popescu georgia

29th September, 2009
Nicu Popescu on Tagliavini?s report on the war in Georgia.