ECFR in the Media

Britain is likely to end up with a short-lived minority government

28th April, 2010
An opinion piece on Daniel Korski's "Britain's 'European' Election".

What does China think? peoples daily

28th April, 2010
A review of Mark Leonard's book, "What does China think?".

Elecciones en el Reino Unido

27th April, 2010
The British election: the Spanish daily quotes Daniel Korski.

?Lacrime e sangue? o sar? default

23rd April, 2010
Klau: The Greek crisis is far more dangerous for the EU than the wartime-split over Iraq.

rfi klau stockholm programme

23rd April, 2010
Klau on the Stockholm programme and collaboration initiatives on judicial matters and internal security.

Great Gas Deal or Sellout of Nation?

22nd April, 2010
Andrew Wilson on the Ukraine-Russia gas-Sevastopol deal.

Une ?norme ambigu?t

19th April, 2010
Fran?ois Godement on the ambiguities of Chinese soft power.

Europeans bring own nuclear security concerns to Washington summit

13th April, 2010
Richard Gowan is interviewed on Obama's nuclear summit.