ECFR in the Media

Euractiv Moldova elections Wilson Popescu

28th July, 2009
Wilson and Popescu comment on tomorrow's elections in Moldova.

Gazeta Moldova Popescu

28th July, 2009
Nicu Popescu gives an interview on Moldova's elections to the Polish daily.

Hotnews Moldova elections Popescu

27th July, 2009
Nicu Popescu comments on Moldova's upcoming elections.

Popescu IHT Romania Bulgaria

23rd July, 2009
Romania and Bulgaria weaken the case for further enlargement, says Popescu.

Deutsche Welle Guerot EU president

21st July, 2009
A story heavily quoting Ulrike Guerot on the future role of the EU President.

Deutsche Welle Wilson Ukraine Biden

20th July, 2009
Andrew Wilson gives an interview in Ukrainian on Biden's visit to Ukraine.

The Economist Noel Nabucco

18th July, 2009
Pierre Noel comments on the latest developments on the Nabucco pipeline.

Monitor Unii Europejskiej Wilson eastern partnership

16th July, 2009
An interview in Polish with Andrew Wilson on the Eastern Partnership.

Al Jazeera France India Korski

15th July, 2009
Korski comments on India's involvement in Bastille Day celebrations.

La Tribune Godement China

15th July, 2009
An article in the French press quoting our China Power Audit.