ECFR in the Media

korski in international herald tribune on afghanistan

17th June, 2008
On Afghanistan "European leaders want a new strategy that's more saleable at home," says Daniel Korski.

korski in time online on france defense

17th June, 2008
Daniel Korski is interviewed on France's defense strategy and return to NATO.

jit in time online about irish referendum

13th June, 2008
"The question is whether Ireland can oblige other Europeans to reject a treaty which they do indeed desire", said Jose Ignacio Torreblanca.

torreblanca in iht on irish referendum

08th June, 2008
An article on the upcoming Irish referendum quoting Jose Ignacio Torreblanca.

noel in iht on carbon emissions

06th June, 2008
"It is high time we got rid of the myth that we can decarbonize our economies on the cheap," said ECFR's Pierre Noel.

torreblanca in reuters guardian on irish referendum

06th June, 2008
"People are very scared in Brussels, because it is going to be a real mess if the Irish vote 'No'," said Jose Ignacio Torreblanca.

witney in euroactiv on esdp and french presidency

06th June, 2008
Nick Witney is interviewed on the upcoming French EU presidency's strategy on European defence.

popescu in capital on russia and china

30th May, 2008
Nicu Popescu is interviewed by the Bulgarian weekly on China-Russia relations.

russia report in analysis in Le Figaro

29th May, 2008
An analysis in the French daily quoting ECFR's report on EU-Russia relations.

ji torreblanca in economist on Poland and EU enlargement

29th May, 2008
"In a small country a dose of EU funding can have outsize effects", says Jos? Ignacio Torreblanca.