ECFR in the Media - Wider Europe


14th February, 2018

Richard Gowan cité dans AgoraVox à propos de l'envoi de casques bleus en Ukraine.

Le Figaro

12th February, 2018

Richard Gowan cité dans Le Figaro à propos du déploiement de soldats et policiers de pays non-membres de l'Otan en Ukraine. 

Hospodářské noviny

01st February, 2018

Martin Ehl's report on the conference 'International Order Based on the Rule of Law' organized by the Warsaw ECFR Office.


26th January, 2018

Gustav Gressel explains why Putin's Russia could have mutltiple reasons for helping the North Korean regime, despite deniying any interference or support. 

ZEIT online

24th January, 2018

Kadri Liik on a new german approach to Putin's Russia.

Gazeta Wyborcza

24th January, 2018

An articel about Gustav Gressel's speech at a conference in the European Parliament on the subject of Russian influence on political parties in the European Union.

Russian Telegraph

22nd January, 2018

Mark Galeotti quoted regarding UK defence that Russia is being 'weaponised'.

Al Jazeera

21st January, 2018

In a broadcast by Al Jazeera, Guney Yildiz discusses the Syrian war and US-Turkey relations following Turkey's latest attack on Kurds in Northern Syria.

The Wall Street Journal

21st January, 2018

Guney Yildiz tells the WSJ that Turkish attacks on a Kurdish enclave in Syria is an act of desperation.

Radio Free Europe

21st January, 2018

Mark Galeotti on the candidates for the Russian presidential elections.