ECFR in the Media - Gustav Gressel


26th January, 2018

Gustav Gressel explains why Putin's Russia could have mutltiple reasons for helping the North Korean regime, despite deniying any interference or support. 

Gazeta Wyborcza

24th January, 2018

An articel about Gustav Gressel's speech at a conference in the European Parliament on the subject of Russian influence on political parties in the European Union.

The Washington Post

24th January, 2018

Gustav Gressel on German Bundeswehr's equipment shortage and tactical reorientation. 

El Confidencial

12th December, 2017

Gustav Gressel is quoted in El Confidencial on the strategy of Russia´s diplomacy of nuclear power plants. 

Ouest France

15th October, 2017

Gustav Gressel quoted in Ouest France about the legislative elections in Austria.

Deutsche Welle

05th October, 2017

Gustav Gressel is quoted by "Deutsche Welle" on new bill proposed by Ukranian PM labelling Russia as an aggressor.

22nd September, 2017

Interview with Gustav Gressel on the Russian information war and its potential effect on the German elections.

Deutsche Welle

13th September, 2017

Gustav Gressel quoted on Deutsche Welle about the relationship between Saakashvili and Poroshenko.


03rd September, 2017

Summary of the ECFR report by Gustav Gressel and Fredrik Wesslau titled 'The great unravelling: four doomsday scenarios for Europe’s Russia policy'.

Fondation Jean Jaurès

18th July, 2017

Gustav Gressel's publication "Fellow travellers: Russia, anti-Westernism, and Europe’s political parties" mentionned in the Fondation Jean Jaurès'newsletter.