ECFR in the Media - Mark Leonard

El País

07th March, 2018

El País publishes Mark Leonard´s commentary on China’s Big-Data Big Brother.

The New York Times

05th March, 2018

Mark Leonard quoted in the New York Times on the Italian election result 

Hong Kong Free Press

03rd March, 2018

Mark Leonard quoted on the topic of Chinese Media Surveillance 

The New York Times

17th February, 2018

Mark Leonard quoted in the New York Times on Theresa May at the Munich Security Conference

France Culture

30th January, 2018

Mark Leonard cité dans France Culture à propos des négociations sur le Brexit


18th January, 2018

Mark Leonard's article on Juncker's final 12 months in office.

New York Times

12th January, 2018

Mark Leonard's tweet about European leaders' responses to Trump is quoted in the New York Times.

El País

08th December, 2017

El País publishes Marc Leonard's article about the deep divides within Europe.

Project Syndicate

04th December, 2017

Mark Leonard writes in Project Syndicate that threats to the European project come also from divisions between core member states, not just those outside of the EU.

The Guardian

01st December, 2017

Mark Leonard is quoted in The Guardian on the UK's overly emotional attachment to its 'special relationship' with the US.