ECFR in the Media - Mark Leonard

New York Times

12th January, 2018

Mark Leonard's tweet about European leaders' responses to Trump is quoted in the New York Times.

El País

08th December, 2017

El País publishes Marc Leonard's article about the deep divides within Europe.

Project Syndicate

04th December, 2017

Mark Leonard writes in Project Syndicate that threats to the European project come also from divisions between core member states, not just those outside of the EU.

The Guardian

01st December, 2017

Mark Leonard is quoted in The Guardian on the UK's overly emotional attachment to its 'special relationship' with the US.

New York Times

21st November, 2017

Mark Leonard is quoted by the New York times on Merkel's power within Germany and Europe following the collapse of coalition talks.

Sueddeutsche Zeitung

07th November, 2017

Mark Leonard explains his vision of transatlantic relations.


06th November, 2017

Mark Leonard's commentary on the sexual harassment scandal in the UK amid Brexit.

New York Times

04th November, 2017

Mark Leonard is quoted on the demographic of Brexit-voters in the UK.

Project Syndicate

03rd November, 2017

Mark Leonard writes about politics in the digital age in his latest column for Project Syndicate.

New York Review of Books

03rd November, 2017

Mark Leonard writes about present day European unity in in his article "Brave New Europe" for the New York Review of Books.