ECFR in the Media - Sebastian Dullien


15th February, 2018

An op-ed by Sebastian Dullien on the ongoing debate on euro-area reform.

BBC World Service

15th August, 2017

Sebastian Dullien explains why he thinks a short term customs arrangement won't work between Britain and the EU.


23rd June, 2017

If the US chooses to retreat from the global stage, Europe might be emerge as winner out of it, argue Mark Leonard and Sebastian Dullien.


26th May, 2017

Sebastian Dullien is quoted on the possible revival of TTIP talks.

Zeit Online

08th May, 2017

Sebastian Dullien is quoted in Zeit Online on Macron's criticism of Germany's export surplus. 


24th April, 2017

Sebastian Dullien quoted on Franco-German cooperation after this year’s elections and their imortance for the future on the EU.

BBC News

29th March, 2017

Sebastian Dullien speaks with BBC Radio on what to expect after the official triggering of Brexit negotiations.

Financial Times

16th March, 2017

Sebastian Dullien's op-ed in the Financial Times on Martin Schulz's economic proposals.

The Star Online

03rd March, 2017

Sebastian Dullien quoted on the position of Trump and the US to the WTO.


17th January, 2017

Quotes from Sebastien Dullien in a Libération article on Germany's evolving role in Europe.