ECFR in the Media - European Power


28th March, 2017

Danuta Huber comments on Brexit.


27th March, 2017

"The Schulz hype isn't as strong as they thought," explains Josef Janning regarding the Saarland (Germany) state election results.


25th March, 2017

Josef Janning is quoted on the challenges the EU currently faces in the wake of its 60th anniversary.


25th March, 2017

Josef Janning speaks with Deutschlandfunk on the current state of the European Union 60 years after the establishment of the Treaties of Rome.

Financial Times

23rd March, 2017

Josef Janning is quoted in the Financial Times on the EU's "classic symptoms of overstretch".


22nd March, 2017

Richard Gowan is quoted on Trump's push to cut the U.N. budget.

Polska The Times

22nd March, 2017

Comments to the report of Aleksander Smolar and Piotr Buras on Polish attitud toward the UE.

Phoenix TV

21st March, 2017

Josef Janning discusses the EU refugee crisis and the Greek debt crisis on Phoenix Runde with Giorgos Chondros (Syriza), Majid Sattar (FAZ), Rosalia Romaniec (Deutsche Welle) and Anke Plättner (Moderation).

Deutsche Welle

20th March, 2017

Josef Janning speaks about Germany-Turkey relations in an interview with Deutsche Welle.


19th March, 2017

Interview with Vessela Tcherneva about the Europe-Turkey relations