ECFR in the Media

El Confidencial

12th December, 2017

Gustav Gressel is quoted in El Confidencial on the strategy of Russia´s diplomacy of nuclear power plants. 


11th December, 2017

So far, there is no real joint EU foreign policy, Josef Janning told Deutschlandfunk.

Deutsche Welle

11th December, 2017

Mark Galeotti is quoted about Putin running for Russian elections and his apparent preparations for war.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

11th December, 2017

The FAZ quotes from the new EU-China Power Audit.

France culture

09th December, 2017

Jeremy Shapiro interviewé by France culture about the United States' foreign policy.


08th December, 2017

Hugh Lovatt quoted in L'Express about the recognition of Israel as the capital of Israel by Trump.

El Mundo

08th December, 2017

Francisco de Borja Lasheras published an op-ed on Mladic, Praljak and The Hague. 


07th December, 2017

Mattia Toaldo tells Politico that Libya's Haftar recognises that migration is the key to international legitimacy.


06th December, 2017

Andrew Lebovich quoted in Libération about Macron's visit in Algeria.

BBC World Service

06th December, 2017

Ulrike Esther Franke speaks to BBC World Service about Germany's worsening relationship with the US (44:20).