ECFR in the Media

Cinco conclusiones de la Conferencia de Seguridad de Múnich

21st February, 2018

El mundo necesita liderazgo en la escena mundial, pero en Múnich no se veían líderes.

La Stampa

17th February, 2018

Marta Dassù on Great Britain and the future of European defense and security

Deutsche Welle

16th February, 2018

For Deutsche Welle news, Ulrike Franke sums up the Munich Security Conference report as "anti-Trump."

Le Temps

16th February, 2018

François Godement cité dans Le Temps à propos de la relation entre la Chine et l'Europe.

El Huffington Post

15th February, 2018

Ulrike E. Franke is quoted in the Huffington Post on the crumbling of the Merkel era. 


15th February, 2018

A conversation with Piotr Buras on Ivan Krastev's book 'After Europe'.

War on the rocks

15th February, 2018

Germany charts its place in the world, but struggles to adapt to changing realities, writes Ulrike Franke in an op-ed for War on the rocks. 


15th February, 2018

An op-ed by Sebastian Dullien on the ongoing debate on euro-area reform.


14th February, 2018

Richard Gowan cité dans AgoraVox à propos de l'envoi de casques bleus en Ukraine.


12th February, 2018

Piotr Buras in a conversation about the new ruling coalition in Germany.