ECFR in the Media

El País

22nd February, 2017

Mark Leonard op-ed in "El País" regarding the politic of disruption. 

Le Figaro

21st February, 2017

François Godement's op-ed in "Le Figaro" regarding the relationship between China and the United States since Trump was elected.

Le Monde

20th February, 2017

Nicu Popescu is quoted in "Le Monde" regarding Moscow's recognition of the passports given by Ukraine's secessionist regions.

La Stampa

20th February, 2017

Hugh Lovatt and Efraim Inbar on the Middle East process


18th February, 2017

Piotr Buras quoted on German European strategy.


17th February, 2017

Josef Janning quoted on what 5 things to watch at this year’s Munich Security Conference.

Le Temps

17th February, 2017

Mark Leonard is quoted in "Le Temps" regarding global order and disruption.


17th February, 2017

CETA gives us access to new markets


17th February, 2017

Francisco de Borja Lasheras is quoted in "L'Express" regarding Mariano Rajoy, the head of the Spanish gouvernment.


16th February, 2017

Hugh Lovatt is quoted in "L'Express" regarding Israel and Palestine and the future of the Two States solution under the Trump administration.