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Ukraine: Finally a new Parliament, but no new government (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 26 November 2007

The new Ukrainian parliament finally assembled on Friday, 23 November, almost two months after the elections. It then immediately adjourned until Thursday 29 November. An update on Ukraine's complex political developments.

Balkan ghosts still haunt Europe (Commentary)

Daniel Korski - 20 November 2007

Even though Europe's foreign policy reach is now truly global, talks on Kosovo's independence have seen Balkan ghosts return to haunt Europe.

A ?Power Audit? of EU 27-Russia relations (Commentary)

Mark Leonard & Nicu Popescu - 07 November 2007

Despite its economic strength and military might, the EU has begun to behave as if it were subordinate to an increasingly assertive Russia. Read ECFR's "Power Audit" of EU-Russia relations.

Guardian: Russia as the new Donald Rumsfeld (Commentary)

Mark Leonard and Nicu Popescu - 07 November 2007

Russia has emerged as the most divisive issue in the European Union since Donald Rumsfeld split the European club into ?new' and ?old' member states. Read an opinion piece published through Project Syndicate.

Burma and Uzbekistan: The EU?s Muddle (Commentary)

Daniel Korski - 12 October 2007

European double-standards on Burma and Uzbekistan will hurt the EU's interests and democracy in both countries.

Ukraine Goes to the Polls: Another Year, Another Crisis? (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 03 October 2007

After years of political stagnation, 2008 will be a key year for Europe and the Ukraine