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Despite their "victory", Serbia's moderates still need the EU's help (Commentary)

Daniel Korski - 13 May 2008

Having defied expectations, Serbia now deserve all the help Europe can give.

The new Russian presidency: Medvedev 1.0 or Putin 2.0? (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 02 May 2008

As Russia prepares for the inauguration of Dmitry Medvedev on 7 May, the mystery surrounding the next president continues to grow.

Spanish government must recognise Kosovo (Commentary)

Jose Ignacio Torreblanca and Jordi Vaquer - 22 April 2008

To underscore its commitment to Balkan stability, the Spanish government should recognise Kosovo's independence. An op-ed from El Pais, in Spanish.

Solving Kosovo's Kosovo (Commentary)

Daniel Korski and Richard Gowan - 10 April 2008

Solving Mitrovica - Kosovo's Kosovo - will require robust action by NATO and the EU, but also innovative thinking.

Goodbye Balkans, Hello Adriatic Penninsula (Commentary)

Daniel Korski - 08 April 2008

The EU?s Western Balkans policy has had a mixed record since 2001 and new thinking is required in preparation for the next Commission.

Medvedev wins!!! (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 03 March 2008

The fact that Dmitry Medvedev has won the Russian presidential election hardly counts as news, but the manner of his win contained a number of surprises.

Why EU leaders should not stare into Medvedev's eyes (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 28 February 2008

In 2000, George Bush looked into Putin's eyes and claimed he had found a soulmate for the West. Today, Western leaders may be about to repeat the same mistake with Dmitry Medvedev.

A united Europe must stand up to Russia (Commentary)

TIMOTHY GARTON ASH - 28 February 2008

The Russian presidential election is such a cliffhanger. Will it be the rising star Dmitry "Obamovich" Medvedev? Or the veteran Gennady "McCainovich" Zyuganov? Aren't we on the edge of our seats?

Kosovo: Between Kiribati and Kuwait (Commentary)

Daniel Korski - 16 February 2008

Kosovo?s independence will require restraint and calm by all parties. Even so, it will present a number of key challenges for the EU.

State building and the EU's supra-national momentum (Commentary)

Ulrike Guérot - 08 February 2008

Kosovo's imminent independence - while the right course - raises difficult questions about some elements of the European project.