Articles on Internal responses to the refugee crisis

Ideology first: Italy’s troubled approach to migration (Commentary)

Stefano M. Torelli - 11 June 2018

Far from leading to substantive reforms, Rome’s new line on immigration risks deepening the rift in the EU.

The EU’s migration policy in Africa: five ways forward (Commentary)

Mattia Toaldo & Luca Barana - 08 December 2016

The European Union is not helpless in the face of migration flows from sub-Saharan Africa. Here is how it can act.

Reforming the Common European Asylum System (Commentary)

Susi Dennison - 17 May 2016

The political crisis surrounding the handling of refugee inflows in the EU has now reached a stage where there is too much bad blood for a “more of the same” approach to have much hope of working.

Bear any burden, and Paying the price (Commentary)

Susi Dennison & Sebastian Dullien & Josef Janning - 28 April 2016

The EU should broaden the scope of what is expected of member states on burden sharing on refugee crisis, within more formalised, intergovernmental co-operation according to two papers from ECFR

Letter from Madrid: A chance for resolve on refugees (Commentary)

Irene Lozano - 29 March 2016

Dissatisfaction remains to the EU-Turkey migration deal amongst Spain’s opposition

The law of the 'Jungle' (Commentary)

Dina Pardijs - 09 February 2016

With the future of the Dublin system up for grabs, families are still being divided by mistrustful governments 

The Janus face of Europe’s migration policy (Commentary)

Angeliki Dimitriadi - 01 February 2016

Contradictory approaches are built into the system of Europe’s migration and asylum policies

Europe under 
pressure to act (Commentary)

Josef Janning - 12 January 2016

What are the elements that Europe needs to bring together to tackle the refugee crisis?

Germany's hunt for a coalition of the willing (Commentary)

Angeliki Dimitriadi - 03 December 2015

Germany is searching for European partners to end its splendid isolation over the refugee crisis

Welcome to the 'Jungle' (Commentary)

Dina Pardijs - 25 November 2015

Divisions over Calais' irregular migrant camp, "the Jungle" reflect divisions in Europe more widely