Articles on Anti-Establishment Parties

Macron and the French Paradox (Commentary)

François Godement - 25 April 2017

While commentators focused largely on negative aspects, France has seen an unprecedentedly pro-European electoral campaign.

Better late than never: How the EU should respond to Orbán’s illiberalism (Commentary)

Zsuzsanna Végh - 21 April 2017

The European Union must now belatedly press ahead with both legal and political procedures to halt Hungary’s illiberal course.

How to avoid a post-truth world (Commentary)

Sebastian Dullien & Jeremy Shapiro - 16 January 2017

It is time to recognize that the integrity of information is part of the critical infrastructure of liberal democracy.

The EU's Polish Dilemma (Commentary)

Piotr Buras - 03 January 2017

The problem of Warsaw’s illiberalism is not just legal but deeply political.

Italy’s constitutional reform referendum: What you need to know (Commentary)

Silvia Francescon & Giovanni Fedele - 02 December 2016

With Renzi declaring that he will resign if the electorate rejects his reforms, the referendum is now widely seen as a vote of confidence on the government itself.

The revenge of the countryside (Commentary)

Caroline de Gruyter - 21 October 2016

Europe must narrow the gap between urban and rural areas, otherwise radical populists will continue to flourish in neglected communities.

Will Europe’s bloody summer change migration policy? (Commentary)

Dina Pardijs - 04 August 2016

With every terrorist attack, anti-migration parties will have a larger platform, but they will struggle to change policy.

Insurgents vs stabilisers: Spanish politics post-Brexit (Commentary)

Francisco de Borja Lasheras - 08 July 2016

The Spanish have spoken and dealt a blow to Podemos. The stabilising forces in government now have a last chance to take a stronger leadership role in the EU.

Is Austria turning blue? (Commentary)

Gustav Gressel - 05 May 2016

The unexpected win for the FPÖ in Austria had eurosceptics across the continent proclaiming the righteousness of their cause, but the result betrays a deeper political malaise in Austrian society.

The self-emasculation of mainstream politics (Commentary)

Volker Stanzel - 24 March 2016

In Europe and the US, mainstream politicians are losing ground as they pander to populist fantasies