Articles on Tara Varma

Macron’s passage to India: a missed opportunity for Europe (Commentary)

Tara Varma - 16 March 2018

Macron’s message to Modi was “Choose France”, rather than “Choose Europe”.

Brexit, Trump, France: third time unlucky? (Commentary)

Tara Varma - 02 May 2017

A tumultuous election season has stirred up France's political landscape. While Macron seems likely to win, he needs to do so convincingly to create new stability.

What if the EU’s future lay with India? (Commentary)

Tara Varma & Abigaël Vasselier - 29 April 2016

A deepened relationship with India could provide fresh energy to a crisis-ridden Europe

View from Paris: A marginalised voice (Commentary)

Tara Varma - 16 March 2016

France remains hugely concerned by visa liberalisation on Turkey, as deal exposes Franco-German fractures

#JesuisSchengen (Commentary)

Tara Varma & Abigaël Vasselier - 08 December 2015

The freedoms Schengen provides should not be a further casualty of the Paris attacks