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Donbas: Beyond war (Commentary)

Vladimir Rafeyenko - 20 March 2017

Beyond the headlines, what is the human cost of the war in the Donbas? 

How to put Crimea back on the European agenda (Commentary)

Ridvan Bari Urcosta - 16 March 2017

Three years since annexation, Crimea remains in limbo and there are few diplomatic initiatives for its return to Ukraine. Can a working group of committed parties put Crimea back on Europe's agenda?

Democracy on the block: How the ECHR saved Georgia’s free press (Commentary)

Tornike Sharashenidze - 14 March 2017

The Georgian Dream may still have future, but to win back credibility, they have to learn from the Rustavi2 case and realise that they are accountable to the people who voted for them.

More than words: Nationalism in Trump’s US and Putin’s Russia (Commentary)

Anna Arutunyan - 15 February 2017

Contrast between Trump’s outbursts and Putin’s restraint shows that Russia’s illiberal worldview still dwarves America’s alt-right.

Pastiche politics: Macedonia, democracy and the faltering journey to Europe (Commentary)

Francisco de Borja Lasheras - 09 December 2016

This weekend’s parliamentary elections in Macedonia are, ironically, an exercise in strengthening anti-democratic forces.

Kyrgyzstan: President Atambayev’s Constitutional Gamble (Commentary)

Franco Galdini - 09 December 2016

Political turmoil could follow Kyrgyz vote on President Atambayev’s controversial constitutional amendents.

Dodon's Moldova will not rush towards Russia (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 23 November 2016

Moldova may return more towards the ‘balancing’ policy of the Communist leader Vladimir Voronin.

Special no more: Kaliningrad on life support (Commentary)

Sergey Sukhankin - 07 November 2016

If it is to ever to flourish, Russia’s westernmost outpost needs more freedom, not tighter control, from Moscow.

The ‘new Oprichnina’ and the engineering of souls (Commentary)

Anna Arutunyan - 04 November 2016

The creation of Vladimir Putin’s new National Guard has echoes of the darker moments of Russia’s history.

The Glazyev Tapes: Getting to the root of the conflict in Ukraine (Commentary)

Andreas Umland - 01 November 2016

The so-called “Surkov Leaks” have reinvigorated the discussion of Moscow’s involvement in the war in Ukraine and the emergence of “people’s republics” in the east of the country.