Articles on Turkey

Bringing Turkey back to the EU debate (Commentary)

Dimitar Bechev & Nathalie Tocci - 21 December 2012

Shunned by the EU with membership talks effectively blocked, Turkey feels empowered. It is no longer on the European periphery, but at the centre of its own world.


EU - Turkey relations: A glimmer of hope? (Commentary)

Dimitar Bechev - 24 July 2012

Relations between the EU and Turkey have hit such lows over the past few years that even marginal improvements look like big breakthroughs. However, positive momentum is building up thanks to the new French President Francois Hollande and a pragmatic Cypriot EU Council presidency. 


The Americanisation of Turkey (Commentary)

Dimitar Bechev - 21 March 2012

Turkey's international profile and domestic politics have long been oriented towards the European Union. Now, both the Arab awakening and the internal momentum of AKP rule are pushing Ankara closer to the United States.


The year of the HUBRICS (Commentary)

Daniel Korski - 12 January 2012

With Europe and much of the West facing a seemingly painful decline, attention continues to shift to the BRICS and the world's other rising powers. But are these countries overplaying their hands as the cracks begin to show in their economic virility?