Articles on Turkey

Friends again: Erdoğan meets Putin (Commentary)

Asli Aydıntaşbaş - 09 August 2016

Erdoğan’s visit to Saint Petersburg will likely usher in closer ties with Russia and send strong message to the West – that Ankara has options.  

Vladimir and Nicholas: Putinism enters a new historic phase (Commentary)

Mark Galeotti - 09 August 2016

Vladimir is not Nicholas, and the 2010s are not the 1850s. Nonetheless, if Putinism is entering its “Nicolaevian” phase, it raises some worrying implications for the future.

Turkey after July 15: The view from Ankara (Commentary)

ECFR - 02 August 2016

Dr. Ibrahim Kalin, Ambassador and Presidential Spokesperson, speaks to ECFR about the July 15 coup attempt and its aftermath. 

Turkey’s failed coup could be good news for international action on Syria (Commentary)

Julien Barnes-Dacey & Ellie Geranmayeh - 28 July 2016

Turkey's constrained military and inward focus could soften its 'Assad must go' policy. 

Turkey’s failed coup changes nothing and yet everything (Commentary)

Asli Aydıntaşbaş - 21 July 2016

Turkey's counter-coup has concentrated state power in the hands of President Erdogan, thrown state services into turmoil and unsettled Turkey's allies. 

Why coups suck for America (Commentary)

Jeremy Shapiro - 21 July 2016

The US-Turkey relationship will fail to evolve into a true alliance of trust and thus be of limited use in defeating ISIS or ending the civil war with the Kurds in Turkey.

The amazing speed of Turkey’s foreign policy U-turn (Commentary)

Asli Aydıntaşbaş - 06 July 2016

With a Kurdish insurgency brewing at home and US and Russian support for Kurdish forces on Turkey’s southern flank in Syria, an overhaul in foreign policy presented itself as an unavoidable strategic imperative.

Sound and fury over Germany’s genocide vote (Commentary)

Asli Aydıntaşbaş - 08 June 2016

Turkey’s outrage at the German vote on the Armenian genocide is for domestic consumption – Erdoğan is careful not to derail his deal with the EU or become still more isolated.

A Turkish reshuffle spells trouble for Europe (Commentary)

Asli Aydıntaşbaş - 10 May 2016

Davutoğlu’s departure may cut the EU and Turkey’s honeymoon period short, and endanger the refugee deal agreed just two months ago.

Turkish-Kurdish race to seize ISIS territory (Commentary)

Asli Aydıntaşbaş - 12 April 2016

Turkey has entered open war with ISIS and is attempting to stifle Kurdish gains in norther Syria