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Ukraine’s rising Euroscepticism (Commentary)

Francisco de Borja Lasheras - 22 December 2016

Ukraine’s pivot towards the West has barely begun, but fatigue and frustration are already setting in.

Post-truth politics in Ukraine: A ‘common sense’ campaign that is anything but (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 25 November 2016

The seemingly innocuous initiative to restore economic relations between Kyiv and Moscow is really Russia's latest move against the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.

Dodon's Moldova will not rush towards Russia (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 23 November 2016

Moldova may return more towards the ‘balancing’ policy of the Communist leader Vladimir Voronin.

Russia happy but wary in anticipation of a ‘new reset’ (Commentary)

Kadri Liik - 09 November 2016

Trump’s worldview is viewed as more likely to accommodate Russia’s ‘spheres of influence’ but his unpredictability is as much a worry for the Kremlin as it is for others.

Ukraine, Trump and the new unpredictability (Commentary)

Andrew Wilson - 09 November 2016

Kyiv’s relationship with Washington could get very bumpy, very quickly.

Escalation in Crimea threatens Erdogan - Putin rapprochement (Commentary)

Gareth Davies - 23 August 2016

With tensions rising between Russia and Ukraine, Erdogan may find himself  forced to decide which side of the fence he sits on. That may entail falling out of love with Russia all over again.

Western solidarity with Ukraine: Do it yourself (Commentary)

Jana Kobzova - 15 July 2016

Kyiv is making a dangerous mistake in confusing western solidarity with unconditional support for the Ukrainian government and its policies.

Trouble in Nagorno-Karabakh (Commentary)

Fredrik Wesslau - 11 April 2016

The risk for miscalculation leading to all-out war is real and cannot be ignored

Ukraine: The case for 'voor' (Commentary)

Carl Bildt - 05 April 2016

Ahead of the Dutch Ukraine referendum, ECFR co-chair Carl Bildt makes the case for greater integration and cooperation with Europe's eastern neighbour

Beyond the Minsk Agreements (Commentary)

Oleksiy Melnyk & Andreas Umland - 30 March 2016

Why and how a combined UN/EU peacekeeping mission could disentangle the Donbas conundrum