Articles on Kadri Liik

And Now What? Russian Foreign Policy in Putin’s Fourth Term (Commentary)

Kadri Liik - 20 March 2018

Moscow has undergone a lively debate on the future course of its foreign policy – which may now become obsolete by the poisoning of Sergei Skripal. 

Five reasons to support Theresa May’s response to Russia (Commentary)

Kadri Liik - 16 March 2018

We do not yet know everything about this crime, so it is wise to leave stronger measures for when we know more.

A Macronian message for Putin (Commentary)

Kadri Liik - 27 May 2017

Macron has an important opportunity to influence Putin's views on the European Union.

What does Russia want? (Commentary)

Kadri Liik - 26 May 2017

The nature of the 'Russia challenge' – and how to address it.

Into the bear pit: What awaits Tillerson in Moscow? (Commentary)

Kadri Liik - 11 April 2017

How will Russia respond to Trump’s Syria strikes?

Russia happy but wary in anticipation of a ‘new reset’ (Commentary)

Kadri Liik - 09 November 2016

Trump’s worldview is viewed as more likely to accommodate Russia’s ‘spheres of influence’ but his unpredictability is as much a worry for the Kremlin as it is for others.

Russia at the gates of Aleppo (Commentary)

Kadri Liik - 12 February 2016

Russia moves towards objective of a negotiated settlement in Syria with a mixture of calculation and carelessness

How to talk with Russia (Commentary)

Kadri Liik - 18 December 2015

In a context of severe cultural alienation, how can the EU talk with Russia?

What can we expect from Russia in Syria? (Commentary)

Kadri Liik - 27 November 2015

Russia's entry into the Syria conflict was a curveball for the West – but what does it want?

The limits and necessity of Europe’s Russia sanctions (Commentary)

Kadri Liik - 03 August 2015

One year on from the introduction of sanctions, is the EU any closer to working out what they want them to achieve?