Articles on Julien Barnes-Dacey

Russia’s Syria Quandary (Commentary)

Julien Barnes-Dacey - 27 January 2017

The Astana process may represent a moment of new Russian seriousness.

The first Trump test: European policy and the Siege of Aleppo (Commentary)

Julien Barnes-Dacey - 15 December 2016

There is no longer any real hope of deposing Assad. Europe must instead work towards an ugly deal that salvages something for the Syrian people.  

Turkey joins the fray: What the Turkish invasion means for the Syrian civil war (Commentary)

Julien Barnes-Dacey - 25 August 2016

The intervention signals an unexpected convergence of a significant number of actors who have found common cause in working against the Kurds.

Turkey’s failed coup could be good news for international action on Syria (Commentary)

Julien Barnes-Dacey & Ellie Geranmayeh - 28 July 2016

Turkey's constrained military and inward focus could soften its 'Assad must go' policy. 

Saving Syria's ceasefire (Commentary)

Julien Barnes-Dacey - 15 April 2016

Despite its limitations, the current US-Russian brokered ceasefire offers the best chance of moving the Syria conflict towards a poltiical resolution

Russia's Syria withdrawal: a game changer? (Commentary)

Julien Barnes-Dacey - 18 March 2016

Having improved the regime's position on the ground, Russia now looks set to move forward its own political track

Saving Syria one city at a time: How to deal with the siege of Aleppo (Commentary)

Julien Barnes-Dacey & Jeremy Shapiro - 25 February 2016

Civilian protection, humanitarian access and freezing the conflict must be priority in Aleppo and Syria to avert escalation to even more dangerous levels.

Aleppo under siege (Commentary)

Julien Barnes-Dacey - 08 February 2016

Keeping the political track alive is the only way to break cycle of death and devastation in Syria as regime closes on rebel stronghold

View from London: Inward-looking political focus (Commentary)

Julien Barnes-Dacey - 19 October 2015

Domestic questions overwhelm the debate in the UK.