Articles on German foreign policy leadership

A New Beginning for European Defence (Commentary)

Mark Leonard & Norbert Röttgen - 14 February 2018

It is time to move past institutional integration and develop practical European security capabilities.

From Iran to North Korea, German policymakers are at a loss (Commentary)

Josef Janning - 12 January 2018

Postwar German foreign policy is based on cooperation, rules and trust, not power, interest and threat. But with crises from Iran to North Korea likely to be play out the old-fashioned way, that approach looks naive.

The liberation of Europe (Commentary)

Caroline de Gruyter - 17 May 2017

The remaining 27 EU members have turned the page after Brexit much faster than the UK itself.

Shooting the ringleader: Trump draws a bead on Germany (Commentary)

Nick Witney - 13 February 2017

As the Trump administration amplifies its attacks on the European Union and its collective identity, we would do well to recall the lessons of the 1930s.  

Is Merkel the new “leader of the free world”? (Commentary)

Almut Möller - 25 November 2016

Angela Merkel is not a fan of flashy titles, but she has already started to build support at home for a stronger Germany in Europe and the world.

Germany and the UK: Hints of a role reversal (Commentary)

Almut Möller - 18 August 2016

The EU debate in Berlin has moved on to one that is more instrumental, aiming to work out what the Union can contribute to protect and empower Europe’s citizens to continue their lives in freedom, security, and prosperity. 

The swansong of Germany’s foreign policy president (Commentary)

Almut Möller - 09 June 2016

Gauck’s commitment to bringing the German people into the conversation has helped to widen the space for a challenge to a stronger German role in European and international security.

Sound and fury over Germany’s genocide vote (Commentary)

Asli Aydıntaşbaş - 08 June 2016

Turkey’s outrage at the German vote on the Armenian genocide is for domestic consumption – Erdoğan is careful not to derail his deal with the EU or become still more isolated.

Armenian genocide, German realpolitik (Commentary)

Josef Janning - 03 June 2016

At a time when Germany and the EU are depending on Turkey’s help to solve the refugee crisis, the German political class clearly feels the need to demonstrate that this does not give Turkey a free hand when it comes to democracy and human rights issues.

Germany's defence doublespeak (Commentary)

Almut Möller - 21 April 2016

While Germany's role in security is of increasing importance, German politicians must downplay it for a domestic audience