Articles on European Power

Trump and Europe: Dilemmas of discontinuity (Commentary)

Josef Janning - 19 January 2017

If Germany was the EU’s lonely leader a year ago, it is even more so now.

Europeans see more cakery on Brexit (Commentary)

Conor Quinn - 19 January 2017

Europeans see Britain continuing to delude itself about the possibilities for life after Brexit.

Transatlantic survey: Europeans and Americans fearful of “Trump factor” (Commentary)

Wiebke Ewering - 19 January 2017

To find out about the strength of the transatlantic alliance, this representative ECFR/ Dalia study provides further insights into the expectations and concerns of Americans and Europeans regarding President Trump.

May's vision for Brexit fails to see the big picture (Commentary)

Mark Leonard - 18 January 2017

Mark Leonard speaks with Tom Nuttall, The Economist's Charlemagne columnist, about Theresa May's Brexit speech. 

Brexit arithmetics (Commentary)

Kalypso Nicolaidis - 17 January 2017

A logical approach to predicting a Brexit deal.

A Trump-Putin summit? Bring it on. (Commentary)

Mark Galeotti - 17 January 2017

The long-distance bromance may founder when its principals actually get to meet. 

How to avoid a post-truth world (Commentary)

Sebastian Dullien & Jeremy Shapiro - 16 January 2017

It is time to recognize that the integrity of information is part of the critical infrastructure of liberal democracy.

German-Dutch relationship key to EU coalition building (Commentary)

Christel Zunneberg - 16 January 2017

Better coalition-building among European countries is called as polarisation erodes European solidarity and cooperation.

Ten Foreign Policy Trends for 2017 (Commentary)

Mark Leonard & Jeremy Shapiro - 13 January 2017

Here are our ten trends (plus one bonus) that will define European foreign policy in 2017