• Francisco de Borja Lasheras

    Head of the Madrid office

    Francisco de Borja Lasheras joined ECFR in September 2013 as Associate Director of the Madrid Office and Policy Fellow, before becoming Head of the Madrid office in 2016. He has published on multilateral diplomacy, the Western Balkans, institution-building, enlargement, security policy, the crisis of Ukraine and strategy.

  • Mark Leonard

    Director, ECFR

    The London office is a hub for ECFR's programmes and back office function but it also plays a role in an increasingly lively debate about Britain's future. It's jointly led by ECFR founder and director, Mark Leonard, alongside CEO Alison Wallace.

  • Manuel Lafont Rapnouil

    Head of the Paris office

    From 2011 to 2015 Manuel headed the Political Affairs Division of the Department for UN affairs at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development; in this capacity, he was responsible for French foreign policy at the United Nations Security Council, including peacekeeping and sanctions.

  • Josef Janning

    Head of the Berlin office

    Josef joined ECFR in April 2014 as Senior Policy Fellow to Head the Berlin Office with Almut Möller. He has published widely on European Affairs, International Relations, EU foreign and security policy, German foreign and European policy as well as global affairs. On these issues he also is a frequent commentator with German and international media.

  • Almut Möller

    Head of the Berlin office

    Almut joined ECFR in October 2015 to Head the Berlin Office with Josef Janning. She led the Europe programme at the German Council on Foreign Relations for the last 5 years and previously worked as in independent political analyst in London and at the Center for Applied Policy Research in Munich. A well-known pundit and moderator, she has published widely on European affairs and foreign and security policy.

  • Silvia Francescon

    Head of the Rome office

    For years Silvia worked for the WTO, European Commission, the OECD, and the UN, before deciding to return to Italy to make a difference. She travelled the world as a negotiator for the Italian Ministry for the Environment, and co-ordinated the G8 team for the prime minister's office during the Italian EU presidency.

  • Piotr Buras

    Head of the Warsaw office

    Piotr is used to seeing Poland through the lens of the Warsaw-Berlin axis. After some time in the think tank world, he spent the five years before joining ECFR working in the German capital as a journalist for Poland’s leading daily newspaper.

  • Vessela Tcherneva

    Head of the Sofia office

    Vessela Tcherneva first ran ECFR’s Sofia office from 2008 to 2010 before moving to the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as spokesperson to the Minister, Nickolay Mladenov. Since returning to ECFR, Vessela has served as acting head of ECFR’s Wider Europe programme and Director of Programmes. She has also held positions at the Centre for Liberal Strategies and the International Commission on the Balkans.